Do You Need a Plan When Hitchhiking?

Hitchhiking has always been a popular method of travel in the United States. Whether you are on your way to college, or just taking a road trip with friends, it is an easy and free way to get around. However, hitchhiking does come with some risks that make many people hesitant to go without a plan. 

Pack transport backpacks and on a trip

Plan Ahead. 

The first step to successful hitchhiking is planning ahead and knowing what you will do if things don’t go as planned. When traveling, it is important to have the proper gear for your destination or at least know where you can buy it on the way there if necessary. This includes a tent, sleeping bag, outdoor clothing (including rain-gear), food for emergencies, water containers with purification tabs or powder, knife/multitool in case of emergency repairs needed while on the road etc… Make sure that these items are packed away separately from other objects so that they won’t be forgotten when time comes to leave! Once this has been completed then move onto Step Two below!

Route and Destination. 

The next step to successful hitchhiking is choosing your route and destination based on the gear you have available with you! If you are driving a car, then it would be best to take routes that are less likely to experience precipitation or intense cold. If you’re flying into an unknown territory, it’s always good to research ahead of time what the weather will be like so that when hitching from one location to another, there won’t be any surprises waiting for us along the way (unexpected snow storms can render travel impossible).

Safety First! 

Sometimes we get too caught up in our own excitement before realizing how much danger awaits us on the road; but this should never deter anyone from their goal! We always recommend wearing bright colors so that other drivers can see us more easily and avoid any accidents. It is also important to make sure our hitchhiking sign (which should be made out of a large, brightly colored piece of cardboard) is attached securely on the back or roof-rack of your car before heading off down the road!

Get Your Bearings Straight & Find A Ride. 

The final step to successful hitchhiking is making sure we get our bearings straight and find a ride! To start, we need to know where it’s safe for someone driving by in their own vehicle to stop without worrying about being harassed or robbed; this means staying away from areas with high crime rates such as gas stations, bars, and similar establishments. Once we have found a good spot then it’s time to make our sign! Be sure that the sign is large, brightly colored, clearly displaying your destination (or any other pertinent information), visible from an approaching car without obstructing traffic, and not too high so as to block views of oncoming cars.

Get A Ride & Enjoy Your Trip! 

The last step for successful hitchhiking is waiting patiently for someone in their own vehicle to stop and offer us a ride. This could take anywhere between five minutes or two hours depending on where you are located but don’t worry; if it takes longer than expected then be sure you’re dressed appropriately with extra layers such as sweaters/cardigans, gloves, and scarves to keep you warm in case of an unforeseen weather change. When someone finally does offer us a ride then we should be ready with our backpack packed up so that all belongings will be accessible at hand without having to rummage through it while onboard the vehicle!